These ideas are super easy to implement, all it takes is a little bit of commitment and the passion to make a change. Reducing your consumption is the most important thing you can do is trying to live a more waste free life, it's more thoughtful to the planet and to your home and lifestyle and trust us it's addictive, once you start to master the basics you will be on a mission to do more.... If your not already just start with one or two things from the list or find one that your not already doing, all the little things add up to massive impact! 
Visit your local second-hand shops or markets to both donate and to purchase, this helps your local community and supports a reusable lifecycle for so many items from clothing to household items.

When buying food, try to choose food items without packaging or very minimal packaging when it can't be avoided. Purchase some reusable bags to use at the supermarket and keep them in your car for convenience, if you forget them go back, trust me you will only do this once!

Surround yourself with tools and items that are meant to last a lifetime. Try to only buy objects once when possible or ask an elder in your family if they have any old tools they no longer use, these were seriously made to last a lifetime!

Focus on experiences rather than things, we all know this but sometimes we get wrapped up in the need for stuff, instead think about something you can do that will create a memory that will last much longer than the latest trend (visit the local second hand shop to scratch that itch if need be) then head off on your next adventure.

Invest in some good stainless steel takeaway containers for lunches and that much needed night off cooking, a lot of takeaways come in unnecessary polystyrene and plastic containers that end up in landfill, you don't have to stop takeout now and then but try to do this waste free whenever possible (now theres a challenge!).

Don't leave the house without your reusable water bottle and if you want to take it one step further, invest in a plastic free bottle, stainless steel double walled is a great option for keeping drinks both hot and cold!

Swap out your plastic household utensils and personal care items for bamboo alternatives, these are in many local stores now and not hard to find, also not too much more in price as these options are becoming the norm, try out bamboo or cornstarch toothbrushes, bamboo cotton buds, clothes pegs, bamboo kitchen scrubs and straws to name a few!

Homemade cleaning products are becoming more common and so much better for your health and the environment and you can make them with products you already have in your pantry like baking soda and white vinegar, invest in some essential oils or use leftover citrus peels to add fragrance and cleaning power, you will find lots of DIY cleaning recipes online and watch our blog for a future post on our favourite.

Plant a small garden, it doesn't have to be big but plant something you buy a lot of, perhaps a tomato plant, lettuce, beans or you could even start with a herb garden which means you will be able to avoid the plastic packaging that these are usually come in at the supermarket.

Pick up litter when you’re out and dispose of it properly, this is the best feel good thing you can do on your weekly walks or beach days and if you want to take it one step further and sign up to attend a local beach clean up day!


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