Hi there ! We are Delena and Kiara, a mother daughter duo from New Zealand. 

Seconds & Thirds SUPERfoods was an idea we created at the beginning of Covid, in a time of a lot of change we challenged ourselves to create a delicious and beneficial plant based pea protein. In our own journey to becoming plant based we seeked not only a smooth and creamy protein powder but a product that harnessed all the goodness straight from nature.

Finding a solution to our search for the best protein powder we sorted out other ways to get all our vitamins alongside our protein. We harness the raw goodness of adaptogenic herbs to aid in overall health and well-being. 

"The journey has taught us so much about how amazing whole-foods, superfoods and the power of plants are, and we can't wait to share our knowledge with you all!  We wanted to build a brand that reflected our values, was good for our bodies and for the planet".

"Our SUPERfoods blends for you and your family is what we hope you enjoy - as much as we have enjoyed creating them from our kitchen!"

Profile photo of Delena and Kiara for Second and Thirds

Delena and Kiara xx