Seconds & Thirds SUPERfoods was an idea we created to reflect the ideals of our family and the desire to create an amazing plant based brand in New Zealand.

In 2019 our family made the lifestyle change to begin a vegan/plant based diet, finding a solution to ensure our household got the vitamins and protein needed and which actually became a positive daily discussion..

"The journey has taught us so much about how amazing whole-foods, superfoods and the power of plants are, and we can't wait to share our knowledge with you all!  We wanted to build a brand that reflected our values, was good for our bodies and for the planet".

"Our SUPERfoods blends for you and your family is what we hope you enjoy - as much as we have enjoyed creating them from our kitchen!".

Profile photo of Delena and Kiara for Second and Thirds

Delena and Kiara xx